What is Pinterest Academy?

It is a membership for entrepreneurs to focus on including Pinterest as a free marketing tool to get your business information out there.
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What's included?

We will be focusing on a a system to make that process easy and simple with a ton of support along the way.

  • When you join Pinterest Academy, you'll have access to ask questions and get help on your Pinterest and Tailwind.

  • You'll be working smarter not harder inPinterest

  • 10 NEW Pinterest Templates each month for Canva to speed up your workflow. You'll also be able to access templates from past months

  • A mastermind class once a month taught by Jen or a guest teacher to dive deeper into Pinterest or Tailwind skill

  • Weekly Work Sessions where you spend an hour pinning with me. You'll have access to ask questions or get opinions from Jen and the group

  • Plus, I review a Pinterest profile once a month selected from our members, giving targeted, personalized feedback in our monthly hot seats!

Bonus material

  • Tailwind

    Along with Pinterest, we'll be deep-diving into a fantastic tool Tailwind. Tailwind is a smart tool that helps to speed up the process. It helps with consistency while saving time and you'll get a free trial!

  • Private Facebook Group

    You'll be in the group with a like-minded community of entrepreneurs who want to utilize Pinterest to move their business forward. This group will help to connect you with each other, discuss the work sessions or masterminds, and grow together.

  • Bonus downloads and videos

    Each month you'll have a Pinterest Mastermind to deep dive into different sections. I will also be sharing "how-to" videos for doing specific things with your Pinterest, like what to pin for each month!

Does Pinterest feel like a mystery?

Does Pinterest feel like a mystery? Do you KNOW you need to be on there but it seems so "all-consuming" and too much work? If you've taken classes, but you just want someone to help you along the way? You are in the right place! Let me help you step-by-step!
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Hear from past students:

"I started out with 0 for everything. Now I am at 11.26K impressions"

Christi Johnson of Christi Johnson Creative and Freedom to Flourish

"As a small business owner, I knew that I should be on Pinterest, but I just didn't have the mental space to think about one. more. app. to keep up with. I've tried Pinterest courses in the past but never finished them because I still felt like I was on my own. But with Jen's Pinterest Academy, first of all I'm actually PINNING. Secondly, she has made it SO. EASY. I thought that keeping up with Pinterest was going to be difficult, but she showed me how to take the content I'm already producing and easily create pins from it in just a couple of extra minutes. And with Tailwind, it all runs itself and I don't have to think about it! I love that we have weekly pinning sessions to keep each other accountable and ask questions, and the training Jen gives is superb! She is so kind and generous and she always makes sure to give everyone space to ask questions. I am so sooo happy to be a part of the membership. It is amazing and a total GAME CHANGER. My numbers in one month: I started out with 0 for everything. Now I am at 11.26K impressions, 7.21K total audience, 336 engagement, 162 engaged audience."

"My stats have drastically increased and the views are now around 500K."

Amber G. - Brain + Gut Health Explorer

Before working with Jen, I had a solid base for using Pinterest. I was receiving 20K views and quite happy with the results; however, I knew something was missing! After working with Jen and implementing the steps she taught me, my stats have drastically increased and the views are now around 500K. The brilliant part is, I spend LESS time on Pinterest and more time doing what I love which is coaching other women-entrepreneurs! Thank you, JEN!!!!

"I've gone from 7K views to 64K over the past 6 weeks."

Kristina R. - Branding Photographer

This is taken from my private Facebook group from a past Pinterest Challenge. "It's been great for me too! I've gone from 7K views to 64K over the past 6 weeks. I'm a little addicted to Pinterest now. It's spurred me to create more blog posts so that I have more of my own content to pin.

"From 0 to over 55k in two months!"

Emma P. - Wedding Planner

This was taken from my private Facebook group after a Pinterest Challenge. "From 0 to over 55k in two months💖💖💖💖. Thank you Jen Vazquez"

"I'm at 5,359 up 835.53% and 142 up 852%!"

Cristina G. - Wedding Planner

This is taken from my private FB Group 30 days after a Pinterest Challenge: "30 days after your Pinterest Challenge, my Pinterest insights for average monthly users I 5,359 up 835.53% and my average engaged users is 142 up 852%! Wow this makes me feel good 🤗"

"My average monthly viewers are 59,139, which is up 183%"

Heidi I. - Instagram Strategies

Taken from my private FB group after a Pinterest Challenge: "Over the last 30 days since the Pinterest Challenge, my average monthly viewers are 59,139, which is up 183%, and my average monthly engaged is 3,112, up 6%!"

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Pricing options

You can join monthly and choose to cancel at any time. If you join annually, you'll get two (2) free months

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